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Sizes. We offer a range of shield options – ballistic, riot, and rifle level protection. Protech Assault-2 16x30 Level 3+ Shield. Recent events have reversed long standing protocols, when N. 62×63 mm AP rounds (NIJ Level IV). Our shields are independently tested through an NVLAP accredited NIJ approved  Ballistic Inserts to up-armor a Briefcase or Backpack. Each criterion was assigned to one of the five SAVER categories, and then assigned a weight for its level of importance. The quick release load bearing lanyard system, stabilizing handle, and “M4 port” make it an effective fighting tool. 00 Sale. Crane. Ballistic shields are designed for use by law enforcement personnel/all kinds of defense forces. , U. 62mm Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Copper Jacket Military Ball (. Level IV Rolling Shield · Read more · SOB TAC-WALL · Read more · SOB Sentry. 56 or 7. May 30, 2014 · The TSI shields feature a 4-by-10-inch polycarbonate ballistic viewport with a 100% aramid ballistic shield design and durable 1000-denier Cordura nylon outer skin. , is also unable to ship any body armor plates, Shields, etc. Our latest addition to the Vigard™ series is the Vigard™-Arctic, tested to NIJ Level IIA at -54°C. 06 Certified. The Savior also has Level Max III ballistic plate option that allows for a 11X17 custom armor plate to be installed int he upper portion of the shield. 02g) at Through purposeful combined development and innovative design, Baker Ballistics is proud to present a new large-sized model of MRAPS® Series NIJ Level IV ballistic shield, supported by The Reaper Level IIIA is the fourth level of protection, so it will also stop all rounds covered by lower levels of body armor (Level I, Level IIA, and Level II). Blast. Includes 2 Static Brackets designed for the 1913 Mil Spec Rail standard. Battle Steel Lightweight Ballistic Shields Level III 7. One in black and one in white. The ballistic shield to be issued is a threat level 3A, 3 or 4. Documentation Direction. Another remarkable feature is how discreet the MTS shield is in appearance. 62 x 39 MSC 123 gr. 3. NIJ Level III (Rifle Protection) Ballistic Shield w/ less weight & ambidextrous cutouts for improved mobility & enhances officer PROPPER INTERNATIONAL SALES, INC. 075m2 Thickness NIJ III+(6. 62x39, M80 7. Ballistic protection-level ratings are based on the number of rounds and the size of the weapon(s) posing a threat - from small caliber handguns to high-caliber, high-velocity weapons that fire projectiles that deliver a large amount of energy to a door, window or wall system. PROTECT + ENGAGE. 223 Caliber) 7. Research & development. The shield has a ballistic protection level of NIJ IV. Here's why you might want September 3, 2018 Since our family is small, two shields will be enough to protect both of us. Ballistic Glass Panel. Ballistics. Protection: Level IIIA Stand Alone against handgun rounds NIJ Standard 0108. 0 inches). What is a ballistic shield? Tactical ballistic shields are personal protection devices designed to protect the carrier against certain threats , such as gunfire, shrapnel and other SaintPro Ballistic Shield Level III+. UL 752 Level 3 Benefits. Overt vests are constructed to resist the wear and tear that comes from exposure and hazardous situations. The unique patented “foldable” shield design provides a combination of light weight, mobility and a non-provoking protection. The new ARAK (“AR” 15, and “AK” 47) ballistic shield is designed to provide Level III ballistic protection while remaining lightweight and very affordable. This includes: 8 g (124 gr) 9 mm FMJ RN bullets at a velocity of 398 m/s ± 9. 2 Test Equipment 6 5. 1 Jul 23, 2018 · This level is often offered in vests, but also used in other ballistic protection—like a deployable shield built from Kevlar such as the PopShield. The BulletSafe Bulletproof Shield Is A Great Value. Please sign in to your account to see your pricing, which may be different from the price displayed. S. 8kg (6. Level III Ballistic Shield (Rifle Protection) ***Law Enforcement Only*** **Your order will not be processed until we receive a copy of an agency issued ID** The FRSIII Series of Ballistic Shields is designed for safety, coverage, protection, maneuverability and tactical advantage. 2 Workmanship 4 4. 62x51. 30-06 **FREE SHIPPING ** ALL ORDERS 2. Lightweight Level 3: 25 lbs Comfortable Strap, handle and arm pad. Shop for Armor Express LightHawk R1+ , rifle-rated Level III Ballistic shields, Ambidextrous Straight Bar Handle, R1+ shield adds 5. Product Overview. J Level 3 was considered the "Special Threats" Shield. 2 g (158 gr) . Ballistic Shields for Backpack or Briefcase. 71. U. Riot and Capture Shields. More recently a NIJ Level III shield, HVS type, has been developed for Special Forces use. 8. Different weapons, situations and threat levels determine the type of body armor that one wears. They provide tactical firearms teams with protection against ballistic and fragmentation threats. 01 & NIJ-STD 0115. 22 caliber rounds to be precise. 01 specifications. 00 0 Vigard™ visors have high light transmission and minimal distortion with lower width and thickness compared to similar ballistic face shields. 5 and 6 kg/m 2 (1. 3 Ballistic Resistance Test 7 Appendix A—References 9 v Armor Express LightHawk R1, rifle-rated Level III Ballistic shields, lightweight, ambidextrous forearm pad, Hybrid Composite Ballistic Construction, with two sizes available. I guarantee getting bonked in the head hitting it against a wall or door frame is bad enough, but imagine . As is true with all ballistic protective armor products, the Shop now for our fill line of Level 3 Body Armor designed bu U. I am a retired police officer with 35 years of experience from a large police agency in south Florida. 5" x 25. Ceradyne Inc. The United Shield Level IV ballistic shield is a mobile high protection shield which provides multi strike protection from armour piercing rounds, and all lesser ballistic threats. Complete set. NIJ Level III At level III, we transition to soft body armor vests to the world of ballistic plate levels. What's Included: 2 Level 3 Shields ( Choice of Cudora or Ballistic Line X ) 2 Black Hard Anodized Quick Release Picatinny Mounting Brackets All Hardware and Pins Aug 31, 2017 · Baker Ballistic's NIJ Threat Level IV ballistic protective shields are shown supported by Advanced Accuracy Solution's "The Reaper" exoskeleton support systems during simulated tactical operations. 00 View Product protech tactical armor products With a passion for protection, PROTECH® brings tactical armor to a new level with years of advanced research and experienced personnel. 308. Army, the United Nations, Mexican Federal Police, and Allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. $1,249. 06, which mandates a minimum shot-to-edge distance of no greater than 51mm (2. 760m. Level 3. -NIJ 0108. 44 Magnum Lead Semi- Wadcutter Gas Checked, 240gr | 15. Key Features. Chase Tactical offers a full line of military and law enforcement grade Level 3A Special Threat, Level 3 Body Armor and Level 4 hard armor plate inserts. Ballistic Shields. Products. 56x45mm 62 gr. Ambidextrous Level III Ballistic Shield. BALLISTIC SHIELD FORT (31854999). Our SaintPro Ballistic Shields are made in NIJ certified levels IIIA or III+. $1,499. Optional 2" x 9" Veiwport. The NIJ states the shield will stop the round that it is tested for. 5" x 39") 6. Learn about new products Ballistic Shields provide protection against high powered threats for law enforcement SWAT during tactical entry situations. helmets-ballistic vest-stab resistant vest-bomb blankets-armor plates–shields- deming face shields- tactical clothing-ballistic accessories. Early ballistic shields consisted of shaped The Compact Ballistic Control Shield: An "outside the box" solution. 1lbs Ergonomic design of the internal harness provides Bullet Proof SHIELD Level IV L4 IPSC 12x23 STOPS . 2lb) Dubbed “Body Armor for Windows,” BulletShield – the bullet-resistant version of DefenseLite – is rated to UL 752 ballistic standards. Sort by popularity, Sort by average rating, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low. This provides NIJ Level III protection against rifle rates threats like . The World's Most Advanced Modular Ballistic Shield with Integrated Weapon Mount. The shield is flat and is constructed from alumina oxide ceramic tiles mounted on a rigid matrix aramid backing, it weighs 42kg/m2. This material is manufactured using a woven roving ballistic grade cloth that is manufactured in-house. Special Ops Bunker. Assault II VP Curved Police Tactical Shield, Protection Level IIIA, 16" Height, 30" Width. As the bullet-resistant version of DefenseLite, BulletShield is independently tested to provide UL 752 ballistic ratings, preventing breach against 9MM, . 6g, 1,350 min -1,485 max, 3. Panel for Rifle Level III - 5 lb. Tactical Ballistic Body Shields. 23 Feb 2017 3 years ago reply. The Breacher Ambidextrous Level III Shield. Our line of Bellfire Shields, provide police and military personnel with advanced multi-hit protection from Level IIIA or Level III threats. Go. military. BULLETPROOF-IT range of tactical equipment includes a comprehensive selection of ballistic gear for hostile environments, such as armor plates, ballistic face shields and hand-held shields. Trust us for all of your body armor needs. Sgt561 0 points One thing about using a ballistic shield. Ships From Manufacturer. it is a contact sport ALWAYS wear a helmet. Transparent armor is frame encased and its edges are overlapped by armor steel for extra gap protection. (Needs to also include NIJ 3 and NIJ 4 shields being that we cover these threat levels with our shields ) The NIJ level 3A ballistic shield will not stop and probably not even slow down rifle rounds. Ongoing training regarding ballistic shields will be coordinated by the Training Division, in accordance with  Shop for Armor Express LightHawk R1+ , rifle-rated Level III Ballistic shields, Ambidextrous Straight Bar Handle, R1+ shield adds 5. Sign up for newsletter today. Lightweight anti-ballistic shields with references among the world's leading special forces SEE TENCATE TARGA-LIGHT HERE TenCate Targa-light™ shields are light in weight, enabling end-users to retain they maneuverability. Optional Light. (4. SaintPro Ballistic Shield Level IIIA provides protection against 9 mm and magnum 44 rounds. 357 sig, 9mm luger, . LC Action is one of the leading distributors of law enforcement equipment in the nation. Helmets, shields and High level of warranty, liability and insurance. $2,999. Definitions 2 4. 00. Requirements 4 4. The Alpha shield is certified NIJ Level IIIA. 44 magnum. 40, . Level IV ceramic and Level III UHMWPE plates are certified in accordance to NIJ standard 0101. Possibility to increase the protection through add-on ceramic insert. Improved Weapon Mount Platforms on each side of the Shield to enhance the Officer's ability to safely present their Weapon from behind the Shield to engage Single or Multiple Threats Complete Leve 3 Shield and Quick Release Mounting System. Special troop's application. We provide body armor and ballistic protection for all types of assignments in law enforcement, security detail, tactical units or corrections. Our ownership roots span over 50 years, 3 generations, and several locations throughout the United States in this industry. Custom sizes avaiable upon request. I. See our shield selection below. Easy to hold or carry with one arm for as long as necessary; Lightest NIJ Level 3 tactical shield; Only weighs 25 lbs; Size: 20” x 30” Protects the head and vital torso area The BulletSafe Bulletproof Shield Is A Great Value. It provides UL Level 3 ballistic protection. 65. The NIJ Level IIIA HMLP ballistic shields incorporate the latest materials, technology, lightweight design and a handle system that has been ergonomically refined over a number of years. Available in Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 to Level 6 multi-shot ballistic grades, Acrilex provides the necessary materials for your toughest security and protection requirements. This has evolved into a number of sizes, each suiting a specific scenario. 610m. 01 Level 3 Compliant – 7. Level III. The Compact Ballistic Control Shield comes with a Royal Arms two-point bungee sling and incorporates a flashlight BALLISTIC BLANKETS are also effective in active shooter situations, depending on their level of ballistic protection. Optional 600 Lumen FoxFury Taker B30 Shield Light Home / Ballistic / Hard / Shields Accessories (10) Lights (5) Barricade Read more; C. 5 inch size. BulletShield protects your vision glass from ballistic attack. SaintPro III+ Ballistic Shield - Spartan Armor Systems 00:54 The SaintPro Ballistic Shield is ideal for vulnerable professions such as Law Enforcement and Security Professionals. Christopher Brown. Bellfire Shields are designed to withstand ballistic and shrapnel threats of all types based on level of protection. c o m AR500 Armor Level III+ 10x12 Advanced Shooters Cut (ASC) Plate. Oct 16, 2018 · TYR Tactical® 18”x33” Rapid Response CQB Ballistic Shield. Bulletproof viewport window. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Ballistic Panels for buying in India. Features: Protection: Level III Stand Alone against rifle rounds DefenseLite combines scientifically proven technology with aesthetically pleasing looks and easy installation. Ballistic protective shields provide wide body protection in the field. 1. 62x39 PS BALL (MSC) 11 7. , a 3M company, designed the new Combat II Ballistic Helmet L110 to meet this pressing need at a level of comfort that appeals to users. The ARCIS Response System is designed to turn heroes into superheroes. 00 View Product Overwatch Group Level IIIA 10X12 Soft Panel $ 130. 2lb) Small 550mm x 650mm (21. 38 and . 62x39 API BZ 5 7. 4kg or 3. It offers storm protection for F5 tornados. 1. The helmet leverages 3M scientific expertise to deliver its highest ballistic protection to date, and is based on a technology that has already been proven with the U. Plus Special Threat Ballistics . 49 lbs Level 3A Shield Designed to Protect from . Optional extras, Extendable Legs. Naval Surface Warfare Center. Custom sizes available upon request. 9 lbs. CIB-SH-01 Level IV Trolley Shield; CIB-SH- 02 Level 3 Shield. 00 View R1 Standard Sizes and Weight R1 The R1 is the new standard in lightweight, rifle-rated Level III bulletproof shields. The course is designed to get the maximum utility and tactical advantage of all the ballistic products provided by Patriot3 (Needs to also include NIJ 3 and NIJ 4 shields being that we cover these threat levels with our shields ); The NIJ level   3-inch clearance between shield and handle to protect against possible injury from impact trauma; Rectangular, curved design for maximum protection; 60 cm x 83 cm dimensions offer maximum speed and mobility with threat level IIIA protection  The DEW PD series of ballistic door panels convert ordinary vehicle doors into ready-to-use protective shields. Ballistic Material: High Performance Feb 10, 2013 · In Florida, a team of the SWAT tested the efficiency of a shield of ballistic protection, the BASIC Black Evolution, by shooting with numerous and diverse weapons on fires there. The light weight ensures high mobility for fast entry. Research review: The effect of body armor on saving officers' lives. Material Ballistic Steel Plate Size 250*300mm Color Black, customizable Unit weight 3. 01: Tested and verified to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified within NIJ Standard 0108. Request more information Read more about ProTech shields Ballistic Shields GH Armor Systems SHB3 Full Cut Level 3 Ballistic Shield (No Viewport) Shields are tested to NIJ Standard-0108. First level offering one-hour fire rating. Ballistic Shield. And a step up from a level 3 ballistic shield, the SaintPro Ballistic Shield Level III+ provides protection against rifle-rated threats up to 7. 5. 5") 3. Since 1973, Point Blank has grown into an internationally diversified company with the most visible brand recognition, considered today to be the premier source of body armor systems in the world. Bulletproof White Board on wheels. Includes a quick release shoulder strap and a shield carry bag. While there are many different standards for ballistics protection levels, the two most commonly recognized standards for body armor come from the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the UK Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST RTS TACTICAL Ballistic Shields are cleverly designed to protect law enforcement, first responders and SWAT teams in all active shooter situations including forced entry, hostage rescue and crowd control. LASA Ballistic Shields Outstanding Ballistic Performance Our ultra-lightweight, multi-hit LASA Ballistic Shields deliver outstanding ballistic performance at NIJ 0108. Military Grade. They are light weight (7Lbs), strap directly the the Officer’s … • Ballistic Rough Operations Cover (B-ROC) – This independent & removable level IIIA ballistic shield is positioned onto the strike face surface of the MRAPS® Series shield – deploys downwards at operator discretion to protect the shield bearers’ legs from handgun, shotgun & incoming deflected rifle rounds – quickly detaches to Point Blank Body Armor (PBBA) is recognized as one of the first companies in the United States to design and manufacture body armor. 01) Safe Pack Bulletproof backpack insert is a Level 3, rifle protection, Light ballistic body armor shield designed to protect and ensure every child comes home safe. Ambidextrous Tri-Grip Handle. Easy to install. 556 . 62x51 M80 (NIJ III) 14 7. Shields & Blankets Filter Clear Filters x Apply 31 Results 0 Results Order. They provide tactical specialists with resistance to ballistic and fragmentation threats, and are avaliable in a variety of sizes ranging from micra to grande. 7. to low, Name (a-z), Name (z-a). Left and right hand configuration, shooter cutouts on left and right side and made with lightweight pure polyethylene materials. At this level, a vest is rated for 2 types of small caliber rounds, . 6 lbs, with a 4. No modern Tactical Team should be using a N. Soft armour solutions. 855 Dieppe Blvd, Dieppe, NB, E1A 7R8 (506) 378-1045 Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm Saturday, Sunday: Closed Battle Steel Lightweight Ballistic Shields Level IIIA w/View Port Battle Steel. Their designers and engineers are committed to producing modern technological solutions that address the special-threat requirements of military, federal and law-enforcement This product can be purchased from Protective Solutions. You get a DIY build video on How To Build A DIY Ballistics Plate Body Armor and then the test shooting of that DIY ballistics plate. The 20"X 30" with Window Tactical Shield is certtified NIJ Level 3. A. 2 Level 3A Striker reversible shields and complete mounting hardware. Read more · Vector SWAT Shield with Multiple Rifle Seats 3 Vector Level III Ballistic Plate for Door Mounting. AMI's Mobile Armored Shield Level III is large enough to provide full body and automobile protection (38" by 15" or 18") and meets NIJ 0108 Level III ballistic resistance standard. 24″ x 48″ – 56lbs. United Shield + Shields United Shield Shields United Shield Ballistic Blanket, Level IIIA Subscribe to Our Email List Sign up and receive $5 Off and get exclusive access to promotions, sales events, pre-order sales & more! Features & Specifications: Tested TO NIJ Standards; Level III Shield: Rifle Calibers, M193 5. The MARS Armor Ballistic Shield provides reliable front protection. S. 0kg (13. Level I Body Armor. 0 out of 5. Ballistic ShieldsAsk Price  establishes threat level classifications that are consistent with other NIJ standards for ballistic protection. 5 WEEK HANDLING TIME – SHIPS USPS 2-3 DAY PRIORITY MAIL CALL 51-ARMOR-GUY Threat Level(s): NIJ Level III edge to edge & NIJ Level IV within ceramic faced regions Composite armor construction includes use of protective coatings, adhesives, and paint which vary in applied thicknesses – completed product weights are generally within plus or minus 3% of advertised total weights. Berea, OH 44017 (800) 888-4002 sales@protechsales. 0. From $60. See our shield  NIJ level III Ultra-light portable ballistic shields to use in tactical situations for optimal protection: TenCate Targa-Light™. Ballistic glass provides a minimum of NIJ level 3 protection for level 3 shield and NIJ level 4 for the level 4 shield. We're Body Armor | Bullet Proof Plate | SHIELD | Level III+ 3+ 12×14 STOPS . The shields are available in a standard range of sizes and protection levels, which are listed below with equivalent weights. The shield are also  Here you may find our ballistic shields. Available to (non-felon) US Citizens, Legal US Residents, US Military and Law Enforcement. Ballistic Door Panels; Designed to defeat NIJ Level III, IIIA, IV; Meet Los Angeles Police Department specifications for ballistic  Possibility to increase the protection through add-on ceramic insert. Shuttletrac 9-Post Transporter. Ballistic Material: High Performance Polyethylene Fibers; Exterior Coating: Polyurea; Flat For Maxium Coverage; Size:  For many years Armourshield has produced the BPS series shields to NIJ Level IIIA standards. Survival Armor's Level III WRAITH Stand Alone Ballistic Shields, with or without viewport, offers protection against rifle rounds. 99 $6,555. 5 x 35. Understanding Threat Levels. Used by police, corrections, military and others these tactical body shields are proven protection against a variety of threats. They are available for those situations where protection against high velocity rifle fire is   Research ballistic shield manufacturers, distributors, resources, and products for police and law enforcement. 3 Labeling 4 4. Molle Mounted Kydex Rifle Support Bracket Included. 20" x 30" NIJ Level III Certified. 308 Caliber) . Special troop’s application. We have looked at a few options, but basically was doing a last minute check to make sure we're not going to miss the latest greatest in sheilds. Vector shields offer a level of protection never before seen or experienced in law enforcement, at a fraction of the cost of traditional shields. 56x45mm M855/SS109 Green Tip stopping power to the threat matrix and more great products for Law  SaintPro Ballistic Shields. Ballistic and Stab Tested by OBL to NIJ-STD 0108. Ballistic Shields NIJ Level IIIAThe United Shield NIJ Level IIIA HMLP ballistic shields incorporate the latest materials, technology and lightweight design to provide multi-hit capability. 3/15/2011 with respect to environment, installation constrains, or even threat level completed. . 00 View Product Overwatch Group Level IIIA 8X10 Soft Panel $ 120. Compact Ballistic Shield Level 3 Plus. Ballistic Window, Ultra lightweight and easy grab handles. 00 $104. Our ballistic shields have been battle tested in some of the harshest of conditions and are currently deployed with law enforcement SRT units throughout the U. 17 of these years were dedicated to SRT (SWAT) as an instructor and team member with over 650 call outs. . Ballistic White Board. Mehler Engineered Defence GmbH (sistercompany of MLE) manufactures personal protection shields in various protection Ballistic shield out of aramid fiber protection Level NIJ-3A. Window view- able area ranges from 1 to The R2 Ballistic Shield dimensions are 22"x36" with a 4. Law Enforcement Physical Security Shields. The new shape of the M1 gives the user greater coverage while allowing for multiple shooting platforms with handgun or long gun. + Special Threats. NIJ Level III ballistic protection requires vests, armor plates, or shields to protect the user from lead core 5. Constructed of UHMWPE based material and is encased in Polyurea with Rhino Extreme 150Fr Anti Spall Coating. The Imperial Armour Ballistic Shield is a lightweight design offering the highest levels of protection. 44 Magnum, and AR-15 bullets, to name just a few. Designed for deployment in-or-out of the vehicle, the Active Shooter-3 (AS-3) NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Shield is custom-designed and will stop multiple hits from handguns up to . Armor products are unmatched in level of comfort, quality and value. Effective delay against forced entry. Overwatch Group Level IIIA 6X6 Soft Panel $ 85. Fragmentation. 62FMJ. Level III+ Rifle Plates at 2. PARACLETE offers a full line of ballistic shields in different sizes, shapes and threat levels. High-quality and innovative products: • Use of raw materials from the  NIJ Level III A Tactical Shields for for Police & Military Personals. Ballistic Shields are Available in 3 Standard Sizes: 0. 01 by an NIJ accredited laboratory Shields have replaceable transparent armor (laminated ballistic glass) that can be replaced with a standard 9/16 wrench. Scope and Classification 1 3. Test Methods 6 5. From $130. Threats. 56mm, 7. The United Shield 20x34" Small Shield provides tactical firearms teams with protection against ballistic and fragmentation threats. 99 $599. excellent Fragmentation protection ( V-50 rating of 2,060 fps / 523 mps, for a 17 Grain Fragment) Muhlenberg Police Officers believe they have the perfect solution for the district. 380 and 22LR. At CAST Portable Ballistic Testing AMI Shields at CAST Ballistic Testing in Wichita, Kansas during July, 2018, two of our Mobile Armored Shields remained unpenetrated after 30 rounds. Acrilex offers a wide selection of UL listed Bullet Resistant Sheet in both Acrylic and Polycarbonate. 44 MAG The Bellfire FRS III Ballistic Shield™ is provides multi-hit protection against level 3 rifle rounds. Dimensions. 5") 2. Body Armor. Insert Level III-A protection into your briefcase, or back pack and you can transform an inconspicuous everyday item into a convenient and discreet ballistic shield for pistol and 9mm sub-machine-gun threats. Nij Level Iii / 3 Police Lightweight Portable Bulletproof Polyethylene Armored Ballistic Tactical Shield , Find Complete Details about Nij Level Iii / 3 Police Lightweight Portable Bulletproof Polyethylene Armored Ballistic Tactical Shield,Bullet Proof Shield,Riot Shield,Shield Ballistic from Other Police & Military Supplies Supplier or Manufacturer-Jiangsu Linry Advance Material Technology Co Making DIY Ballistic Plate Body Armor: Today I have not one but two youtube videos for you. The future of level IIIA ballistic shields, utilizing hybrid ballistic technology which minimizes weight while increasing protection. 3lb) Medium 550mm x 1000mm (21. It blocks punches, clubs and stabs. Watch RDS Level III Retention Duty Holster and other Ballistic Shields videos on PoliceOne. Vector Maximum Ballistic Protection Patrol Shield 4 Vertical Assisted Shooting. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low. 3m by 0. 56x45mm M855/SS109 Green Tip stopping power to the threat matrix and more great products for Law Enforcement, Fire, & EMS at Danasafetysupply. Made in the U. 223. The Minuteman Folding Ballistic shield is available in NIJ IIIA and NIJ III with four different models that can fit any Patrol, SWAT, VIP Protection, Harbor or Airport Security team's needs. level 1 2 points · 2 months ago Cool, so Naufumi either memorized everything needed to make modern assault rifles and ballistic shields, or he recovered designs from the eons-ruined pre-FLDSMDFR world NATO Enhanced, Level III Tactical Ballistic Shield with view port and with NIJ 0108. Composition: Composite Handles: Straight bar handle with forearm strap and pad Interior: Body-facing pouch attachment surface (hook & loop) Facebook page opens in new window Twitter page opens in new window Instagram page opens in new window $ 0. Constructed of UHMWPE based material and encased in Polyurea with Rhino Extreme 150Fr Anti Spall Coating. 25" ballistic aluminum trim ring on front and on back with composite spacer, ballistic aluminum trim rings on front and back, composite spacers, trim lock protecting edges, adjustable Velcro cuff, extra large heavy duty composite and aluminum handle with all new comfort grip, large grade 8 bolts. 18" x  Research Ballistic Shield manufacturers, distributors, resources, and products for police and law enforcement. 3mm) Ballistic Level NIJ III+ *Image 3 shows the impact of a . smartslider3[7] stormforce sparta ballistic shields The Sparta armor shield combines years of advanced ballistic technology and experience with a rugged state-of-the-art molded design. The more cost effective option is the hand held Ballistic Shield , at $395 in 3a and $1000 per man for NIJ Level 3 . J Level 3a Ballistic Shields for their primary Ballistic Shield Protection. Patriot 3 Ladders Shields/Innovation, Versatility and Utility. 2 lb. The cloth is mechanically injected with resin and placed in a hydraulic hot press, then pressed into flat rigid 3' x 8', 4' x 8', 3'x9' and 4'x9' sheets. J Level 3a shields were the "Go to" and the N. Well i like this idea, i would love go trough factory with shield and my friend The Robotic Ballistic Shield (RBS1) or “Swat Bot” concept was created in coordination with the Massachusetts State Police. W-AE-AEXP-A-IIIA. com PHALANX-III Features Options • With or Without Viewport • LED Light with Strobe Mode • 1200 Lumens • Transport Bag • Components offered on the interior of the shield • Stationary handle • Thick high density foam pad AR500 Armor® steel plates offer edge-to-edge ballistic protection. Due to higher caliber rounds being very common, Level I vests are not considered up to NIJ standards. 00 $1,020. Order Now. AR500 Armor 6x8 Level III+ Side Plate. $5,999. 99. As the first and only mobile ballistic shield to pass strenuous CAST ballistics tests , our MAS Level III took an amazing 32 rounds of 5. Shields have replaceable transparent armor (laminated ballistic glass) that can be replaced with a standard 9/16 wrench. 1   These shields provide protection against multiple threats starting from 9mm rounds to NIJ Level IV. 2 lb/ft 2 or 18 and 20 oz/ft 2). Ballistic shields can be made out of materials such as UHMWPE or pre-preg aramid fibres. Equip your police and military officers with a riot shield that delivers robust, durable, non-ballistic protection during riots and crowd control. With 3 strategic designs and 2 levels of NIJ protection, Hardwire Tactical Shields give you lightweight, easy-to-carry protection. Plus, our concern is the ones we were Bullet and Blast Protection Composite Panels. SKU: BS-FABSIIIAVP. 1 Acceptance Criteria 4 4. Ballistic shields. Level 4. Welcome to my website! Before I introduce my products, please allow me to briefly introduce myself and the reason behind the creation of my Clear Ballistic Shields. 62x54R API B32 5 Ballistic shield 12 Ballistic shields 16 Handheld 12 Military 5 NIJ level III 4 NIJ level III & IV 5 NIJ level III + 7 On chassis 4 Personal protection 5 Shield on trolley 4 AMI has developed a MAS Shield Level III that can stop an entire 30-round magazine from an AR-15/M16 or AK-47. Panel for Pistol Level IIIA. 4 Ballistic Resistance 4 5. Hard armour solutions. 30-06 APM2 5 5. Ballistic Blankets. Shields Available without Viewport (16lbs) Accessories Orders shipping out daily, due to the epidemic there is up to a 21 day lead time on all RTS items. 5m by 0. Ballistic glass provides a minimum of NIJ level 3 protection for level 3 shield. Click for more. 00 $749. AS-VAL 6 points · 1 year ago. TYR Tactical® 24”x36” Rapid Response Ballistic Shield . Made in the USA Insert Level III-A protection into your briefcase, or back pack and you can transform an inconspicuous everyday item into a  Craig International Ballistics manufactures several lightweight NIJ III & IV shields for police and security organisations. A. Load Bearing Shield Carrier - 1000D Cordura Made in the USA. The BulletSafe Level IIIA Bulletproof Shield. This shield is a variation of the patented Riggs Shield designed for law enforcement with the same ballistics. 357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point bullets at a velocity of 436 m/s ± 9. Rs 2 Lakh/ PieceGet Latest terms and privacy policy. Ballistic vests. We are a veteran-owned manufacturer of high-quality ballistic and non-ballistic protective equipment with more than 15 years of experience. Survival Armor’s Level III WRAITH Stand Alone Ballistic Shields, with or without viewport, offers protection against rifle rounds. 24″ x 36″ -46lbs. However police forces were evaluating their "street The ballistic shield to be issued is a threat level 3A, 3 or 4. Ballistic Protection. Constructed of UHMWPE based material and encased  Product Description. The go-to choice for portable ballistic protection is the ProTech Entry 2 Entry Shield. 1200×600 (for protection level IIIA NIJ 0108. We have been in San Jose, California, supplying equipment and support to law enforcement since 1988. IIIA Clear Ballistic Shield. For more than 30 years, we have made it our mission to design and manufacture superior body armor and protective equipment. ballistic viewport 4″ x 10″ inches and is finished in black ballistic nylon with a hard wearing rubber edge protector trim. Standard dimensions shield, mm 1200×600 (for protection level IIIA NIJ 0108. 62mm rifle rounds. American Made™ | We Develop & Manufacture Advanced Lightweight Body Armor. Level IIA Body Armor M1. Features & Specifications: Tested TO NIJ Standards; Level III Shield: Rifle Calibers, M193 5. 62mm Rifle Protection. W-AE-HLO-B-IIIA. 2. 99 Sale. No backface deformation and no penetration. 00 $59. Longfri light-weight ballistic helmets, made with PE fiber, meets NIJ Level IIIA standard and is designed to protect against fragments and ballistic threats. It is vital when choosing body armor to make sure that it adheres to the proper protection levels. Choose comfortably concealable vests for covert missions or tactical armor for overt operations. In Stock - Ships Now. 56x45 M855 (SS109/GREEN TIP) 2 7. The Shield is available in 3 sizes; 20″ x 34″ 24″ x 36″ 24″ x 48″ ballistic viewport 4″ x 10″ inches and is finished in black ballistic nylon with a hard wearing rubber edge protector trim. Features A ballistic shield for protection against up to 7. $2,756. 56mm, and 7. 0. ArmorCore® Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels are manufactured at all 8 Levels of UL752 Standards and NIJ0108. It is a penetration-resistant, energy-dispersing ballistic plate covered by a lightweight, projectile While level II ballistic shields would likely stop the III-A test standard from actually penetrating, it does not meet the level III-A standard for blunt trauma. 30-06 caliber rifle, steel core, lead point filler, FMJ (APM2) Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and Offers. S II (Combat Hazard Ops Shield) Taker B50 Ballistic Shield Light; Taker ULTRA-LIGHT Tactical Ballistic Shield - only 12 lbs. 5 lbs (M) NIJ 0101. 308 Caliber) 9mm Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core. S Sales Contact: C o n t a c t : t o d d g a r r e t t @ v e n t u r e b a l l i s t i c s . The shield is produced in the highest degree of ballistic protection level IV and provides protection from different types of ammunition; On the back side of the shield  Our ballistic shields, bulletproof tactical plates and body armor provide unmatched stopping power in a lightweight form factor that Whether you're breaching a door, engaging in a high-risk mission, maintaining the highest level of vigilance, on a security detail Side Armor Plates available in SAPI-3 ballistic threat rating. It comes designed with a view port and a proprietary mix of Aramid Fibers and DSM Dyneema Lightweight materials. Quick view Compare. Designed to be light weight and portable, the FRS is ideal for patrol officers, first responders and tactical deployments. Features a curved, rectangular design for increased threat Level III protection and free-standing capability. 01 Level III and special threats, weighing over 20% less than alternative in-service solutions. ballistic shields insufficiently protect ship‟s personnel and equipment against documented fleet  selling Ballistic Panels. Level III Ballistic Shield Rifle. Ballistic shields will also protect from less serious threats such as thrown items, though they are  Ballistic Shield: A portable device capable of at least National Institute of Justice ( NIJ) Level IIIA ballistic protection. The flat panel design is compact and offers easy vehicle stowage providing rapid first responder and entry team access to rifle protection. 69. Bullet-Resistant Acrylic Bullet resistant acrylic security glass is preferred for most public settings because of its appearance, superior light transmission, and ability to blend seamlessly into existing environments. With so many people being able to access weapons, having a BALLISTIC SHIELD certainly helps conduct safer operations. It offers maximum coverage and high-speed maneuverability. Level I protection is the lowest available level in terms of bulletproof vests. 5m. Popular Police Shields. Light-weighted, less than 1. The Shield is available in 3 sizes with viewport; 20″ x 34″ – 38lbs. Level 4 . Color The United Shield range of NIJ Level IIIA HMLP ballistic shields incorporates the latest materials, technology, lightweight design and a handle system that has been ergonomically refined over a number of years. Multi- Tested in accordance with NIJ 0108. vztekly. 223/5. I really want a real body armor plate. Based on the popular WMX1 and WMX2 platforms providing ambidextrous weapon rests. A patented technology, DefenseLite is a ‘clear security shield ‘that installs over existing window and door glass creating a layer of protection designed to ‘keep the bad guys out’. 01. The shields have a standard ballistic protection of NIJ Level IIIA, but other protection levels are available on request. Armor Express: Vortex Level IIIA Body Armor, 2 Revolution Carriers, 5" x 8" Ara-Shock ICW Plate. The ballistic shield is multiple layered and includes polymer foam, ceramic tiles, and a support structure fabricated from ballistic resistant fabric. The CIB-SH-01 model shield is a wheeled trolley shield  esponse Depa rtment. They provide tactical specialists with resistance to ballistic  NATO SS – Type III Shield · Assault 1, 2 & 3 – Type III Shield Series, · Assault 1, 2 & 3 – Type III Shield Series · PROTECH® Tactical NATO 1™ Enhanced Type III Ballistic Shield. Showing 1–16 of 19 results. Aug 06, 2012 · At 17. These shields have a side clamp handles to avoid any degradation on the face of the ballistic panel caused by the drilling of handle attachment holes. Read more  BALLISTIC SHIELDS. Level III/IV Level III/IV Ballistic Bullet Proof mask 3A level, tactical defense face mask, STOPS . CLEAR ALL >. It is level III (level 3) so it stops AR-15's and AK-47's. Once the criteria were weighted, the five SAVER Program categories were The starting point for this development were the ballistic-only offerings of that time using NIJ Level 2A, 2, and 3A or HOSDB HG 1 and 2, with compliant ballistic vest products being manufactured with areal densities of between 5. Ph: 855-255-5259 -- M-F 9AM - 5PM EST Ballistic Tactical Body Armor & Plates, III-A Tactical Body Armors & Plates, Tactical Level 3 Bullet Proof Vests, Collectible Armor & Shields, Steel Collectible Armor & Shields, Level 3 Body Armor, Roman Collectible Armor & Shields, Bullet Proof Jacket, Bullet Proof Mask, Ballistic Performance Motorcycle Batteries for Triumph Rocket III AR500 Armor® steel plates offer edge-to-edge ballistic protection. They vary in size, with some being designed to protect only the upper torso and Next Level Ballistic Protection: BulletShield. level 1. The technology and materials used in current ballistic shields are light years beyond what the Zulu warriors were using in the 1800s but the shields core purpose, to stop fatal objects from hitting you, has remained largely unchanged. Features & Specifications:-Weight: 14. United Shield International Ballistic Shields NIJ Level IIIA 20"x34" SOB Level IV Ballistic Shield. and the world as well as: the U. Level 2A, 2, 3A. 00 $5,495. These are in widespread use both in the UK and Overseas. Hardwire® Ballistic Panel Covert / Concealable Body Armor Shields Filter Clear 2 & 3 – Type III Shield Series NATO 1, 2 & 3 – Type III Shield Tactical Ballistic Shields Battle tested Bellfire Shields by Chase Tactical. 5m Shield does not have viewport Evaluators rated the ballistic shields based on the evaluation criteria established by the ballistic shields focus group. $7,599. 62mm bullet fired from an AK-47 or SKS rifle. Other sizes available on request. Training: 3. Energy Police Chief Shawn Ladd (center) is presented a Level III Ballistic Shield by Goreville School Superintendent Steve Webb and Royalton Police Officer Jack Queen, while Royalton Canine PHALANX-III LEVEL III H A R D A R M O R SHIELDS PARACLETE® 1-800-413-5155 PointBlankEnterprises. With the jump to the level III rating, armor is now able to handle small-caliber rifle rounds—like a 7. Survival Armor’s Level IIIA WRAITH Stand Alone Ballistic Shields, with or without viewport, offers protection against handgun rounds. Next BULLETPROOF IT, LLC- Active Shooter Response (ASR III) 24"x36" NIJ Level III Ballistic Shield with Viewport NIJ Level III Ballistic Shield with less Weight and Ambidextrous cut outs for Improved Mobility. 56mm Rifle Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core (. These bulletproof shields are highly effective in defensive situations and are successful in stopping projectiles, if fired upon. UL Level 8 Protection: Our Armalloy 650 panel features a certified UL Level 8 steel armor plate which can stop 7. 20 inches x 30 inches in size. It utilizes the RS1 base platform, a collapsible ballistics shield, and a hardened AR400 steel nose shield to protect those in the line of fire. Less common are heavier and thicker rifle-protection shields that are mounted on wheels for ease of mobility. The ballistic shields when inserted into backpacks, briefcases or computer bags will provide the highest level of protection currently available as lightweight concealable body armor. Ballistic protection per National Institute of Justice standards. $499. J Level 3  Shop now for battle-tested Ballistic Shields NIJ Standard-0108. Evaluation of LEOKA database further confirms the RDS Level III Retention Duty Holster. H. We offer concealable armor, tactical armor, ballistic plates, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields, IMPAC Plates and Tactical Carriers. If your team doesn’t have proper ballistic or riot shields yet, now is a great time to consider getting one. Level IV Ballistic Shield. 5"x10" Stand alone . Ballistic Shields and Blankets. TX Vendor# 503835. NATO 1, 2 & 3 – Type III Shield · Phoenix IV™ – Type IV Shield,  Shields; Soft Ballistic Body Armor; Accessories; Bags; Ballistic Blankets; Carrier Components; Helmet Accessories; Pouches; Contract. The shields offer unmatched protection with a unique comfortable and ambidextrous carry system. Total Package weighs 680 grams or 1. Ballistic shields have been used by law enforcement and military throughout the twentieth century. 30 Caliber Rifle Following is a look at the newest body armor, ballistic shields and armor accessories to protect the men and women sworn to protect. SA-IIIA WRAITH Ballistic Shields. We got budget approval for a couple of level 3 or higher shields. 01); 1000×  Ameristar's Matrix Systems can now by upgraded to include Ballistic Shields ( meets Level 8 protection as defined by Level 3 . 5KG Protective area 0. Product Specifications; The standard color of the shields is black, but other colors are available. 2 square foot coverage area, at NIJ Level III, I thought it was one of the best rifle shields I had seen. Primary Category: ~Security~Security Management and Law Enforcement~Ballistic and Riot Shields. The lightest, most compact, discreet and versatile shield ever made. 62 x 39 mm. 01 protection from Protech. SCOPE AND portable ballistic shields, such as a ballistic clipboard for use by a police officer; to provide ballistic protection for fixed   9 Dec 2016 BulletSafe's new Ballistic Shield is NIJ rated as Level IIIA, meaning that it is likely to stop most traditional It does not have any cut outs or gun ports like some shields, nor does it have a view port or lights mounted on the front  Patriot3 Ballistics (P3B) is a premier provider of lightweight, mobile ballistic products and shields from the United States of America. They’re called ballistic shields. 44 Magnum 240 grain pistol rounds. to the state of  Ballistic shield FORT. Veterans. 62 x 51 mm, 149 gr, FMJ NATO Ball (M80 Ball)-Forearm Pad-Carry Bag-Fixed Handle-Special Threats: 7. 95 Ballistic shields! Suggestion. • DefenseLite is an engineered solution consisting of Unbreakable polycarbonates • Proprietary high-optic UV-coated shields • Multi-layer thin films • Tough structural adhesives and anchors Require protection from ballistic A ballistic shield or tactical shield is a hand-held shield that is capable of defending the user from handguns, shotguns and submachine guns. as well as high III+ Ballistic and Riot Shields 11 products found. It offers level IIIA protection in a large, 19. Curved Military Combat Shield, Protection Level IIIA Ballistic Shields NIJ Level IIIAThe United Shield NIJ Level IIIA HMLP ballistic shields incorporate the latest materials, technology and lightweight design to provide multi-hit capability. They may have features such as clear armored viewing ports, ambidextrous handles and spotlights for use at night, and may be either handheld or mounted on wheel-based frames. 1 and 1. 01 available In Level III, IIIA and Level IV NIJ Certified. Whether you're controlling a crowd, engaging in tactical simulation or out in the field, ballistic and riot shields are your first line of defense. Non-Ricocheting - captures the bullet. Level III + When you choose level III+ protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that your shield is equipment to stop projectiles that can achieve speeds up to 3080 FPS. Make PoliceOne your homepage . New Level IIA, II and IIIA Ballistic Armor packages from Point Blank offer the lightest weight, most flexible and high-performing solutions Integrated into the handle design is a secure holder for a Defense Technology® brand MK-3 or MK-4 OC spray canister , allowing for  Standard. Standard dimensions shield, mm. The five standard sizes are detailed below: Micra 450mm x 650mm (18" x 25. Purpose 1 2. 1 Sampling 6 5. Spartan Armor AR550 Level III+ 8x10 Shooters Cut Body Armor Plates - Set ballistic protection, body armor & plate carriers It is paramount that our law enforcement and military personnel have the appropriate body protection when on duty and in the field. Armor Express: FMS Level IIIA Body Armor, 2 Equinox Carriers, 5" x Bullet Resistant Sheet. 45ACP, . Like its level IIA and Level II, Level IIIA is most commonly soft armor, however hard armor plates and ballistic shields can sometimes be found with a rating of level IIIA. Modern Ballistic Shields are protective shields designed protect police, military or anyone from deflected bullets either from handguns, rifles and  Ballistic shields are protection devices deployed by police and military forces that are designed to stop or deflect bullets fired at their carrier. These certified plates are then coated with Encapsaloc, an anti-ricochet, anti-splatting material, which dramatically mitigates the effects of collateral damage due to ricochets and spalling. Spartan AR500 Level III 10x12 Shooters Cut Plates (Set of Two) Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Level III+ Body Armor Single Plate. 38, . For a great way to make sure you are working with some of the best shields the tactical industry has to offer, choose the United Shield Small NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Tactical Shield. ! Semi-flexible Level III-A for pistol and 9mm sub-machine-gun protection. Armor Express: Halo Level IIIA Body Armor, 2 Revolution Carriers, 5" x 8" ARA-SHOCK Shock Plate. 910m by 0. 9 lb. Strength: All modern day ballistic shields are portable protective barriers between the shield bearer and a ballistic threat. com The Riggs Shield is a Level IIIa ballistic shield that can absorb up to . One-piece folding design provides immediate access to 3-feet of ballistic cover in emergent high-risk events and covert applications. Ballistic Shields provide protection against high powered threats for law enforcement SWAT during tactical entry situations. O. A ballistic shield is a surprisingly useful part of a home defense plan and it isn't just for those crazy doomsday extremist guys who are planning for war. 62mm and 5. Created by Hardwire LLC and first used by the military in Afghanistan, the shields line doors and walls and can also be used as an erasable writing board that teachers and students can hide behind. State of Texas CMBL Vendor#: 18128070150. com BALLISTIC RESISTANT PROTECTIVE MATERIALS CONTENTS Page Foreword iii 1. 1313 West Bagley Rd. By offering Level III ballistic protection and an innovative integrated weapon mount, operators can confidently engage threats with enhanced security and accuracy. BALLISTIC PROTECTION. 01, LASA ballistic shields deliver outstanding protection, even if hit. Features: Ergonomically designed for the  Body Armor Mega Store has worked to pioneer innovative means of ballistic protection, like our bulletproof shields, for you and your family. SA-III WRAITH Ballistic Shields. 1 m/s (1305 ft/s ± 30 ft/s) 10. 56mm projectiles. ADS Ballistic Shield. MTS takes ballistic shields to the next level for law enforcement and security. Make Offer - LEVEL 3 10x12 Triple Curve CERAMIC BALLISTIC PLATE. Ballistic Protection Read more. 3kg (7. The VENGEANCE series hard armor ballistic shield is an ambidextrous weapon mount design in threat level III+ rifle protection. What will be its NIJ LEVEL 3 Certified Check out our VIDEO below Tac Life Systems LLC proudly introduces Vector Shields to our product portfolio. level 3 ballistic shields

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